Eco-friendly glass bottles and jars for a green world

Is Glass Packaging More Sustainable? A Study on Glass Sustainability

Sustainability is a big topic in today’s society. And that’s not by chance. Sustainability is extremely important for our environment and our world. When products are eco-friendly, they protect our world from things like harmful carbon emissions. A lot of people are already trying to live as eco-friendly as possible. And also a lot of companies are trying to be more eco-friendly, which is great because they can produce a lot of CO2 when they produce and transport their products. One of these companies is Glasmeister, which designs and creates sustainable glass bottles and jars. Would you like to know more about this company and their products? Then please keep reading!

Glasmeisters eco-friendly philosophy

This company produces glass bottles and jars, because they believe packaging can help a great deal in creating a clean future. Many plastic bottles are made to be thrown away, which is very harmful to our world. To solve this problem, Glasmeister has created sustainable glass bottles, which can be re-used and recycled. By creating these bottles, Glasmeister tries to reduce any waste and gives people the opportunity to re-use their bottles. And when it’s finally time for the bottles to be replaced, they are easily recycled into new bottles. So it’s no shock that their motto is: reduce, re-use, recycle.

Creating eco-friendly bottles and jars

But what makes Glasmeisters bottles more sustainable than other glass bottles? This is because of a number of reasons. Firstly, Glasmeister creates bottles which are designed for recycling and are actually made from recycled content. This way, Glasmeister reduces as much waste as possible. Their bottles are also very lightweight, without compromising on quality or strength. This results in lower transport costs. Their lower transport costs are also because the entire process of creating the bottles is done in Europe. Apart from that, Glasmeister also uses renewable energy. Which makes sure their bottles are produced in an eco-friendly way.

Their eco-friendly glass bottles and jars

Glasmeister has designed a variety of bottles and jars. These bottles come in all different shapes and sizes and are perfect for the storage of your favourite products. Your skincare products are safe in their cosmetic bottles and jars and your perfume is easily stored in their perfume bottles. Their vitamin jars and wide neck jars are perfect for vitamins and herbs, extracts, honey or tea.